Feels Re-Pressed Double Vinyl Available Now

We’re excited to say that Feels has been re-pressed on double vinyl and is available now! Head to the merch store to order, or pick up a copy at your local record store.
To mark the occasion, we’re also releasing a live recording from August 22, 2004 at Neumo’s in Seattle, WA. Check out our Soundcloud page to download or stream the show.
The show was the first time Scott Colburn heard any of the Feels songs. We had already asked him to record the album but we didn’t have demos and he wanted to hear the material first.  He was playing in Climax Golden Twins at the time, who were also on the bill with us and Black Dice that night, so this was the test. Luckily, our set sealed the deal and we all moved into his house six months later to start tracking. A small part of us never left. If we’ve seemed a bit rushed after Seattle shows in the years since, it’s because we were in a hurry to get back there for another late night VHS horror movie screening.
We’ve also come across a trove of photographs from the Feels era, you can check them out here